Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Overview of the 9/11 Frameup

BEYOND ANY REASONABLE DOUBT, the official 9/11 story is very very wrong.
The evidence associated with the 9/11 attacks, when analyzed carefully, indicates that 9/11 was an incredibly heinous type of crime-- synthetic terrorism, manufactured by the state to kill, frighten and intimidate its own citizens.

There are hundreds of ways that the official 9/11 story is wrong. The first real tip-off for me that something seriously was wrong with the official 9/11 story was the fact that on the morning of 9/11, LIVE-FLY HIJACKING DRILLS were being run by NORAD. This simple fact should easily set-off alarm bells in any thinking person.

But the story gets worse, much worse!

First, the odds of the official story are ridiculously improbable.

Now, A KEY PART OF understanding what really happened on 9/11 is understanding that in fact, the plane hijackings and crashes on 9/11 were a massive hoax. As difficult as this may be to believe, this simple idea meshes quite well with the fact, alluded to above, that NORAD was running live hijacking drills on the morning of 9/11.

When analyzed carefully, the evidence indicates that all four 9/11 plane crashes were actually clever fakes. A good place to start with this concept is the "UA93" crash in Shanksville with its amazing plane-shaped hole and amazing absence of plane debris. This bizarre crash scene theme holds up not only for the "AA77" crash at the Pentagon, but surprisingly it also holds up for the WTC attacks by "AA11" and even the plane everyone saw the videos of: "UA175". Keep in mind that the Operation Northwoods Plan from the 1960's proposed faking plane crashes to spark war with Cuba. At this site there are many references for the "no-plane theory". The "no plane" theory is an important concept for understanding the 9/11 hoax, and this theory proposes that the 9/11 plane crashes were faked through a combination of means, including planted parts, explosives, missiles and video fakery. Of particular note is the fact that the major news networks telecast fraudulent images of the "2nd plane"-- "UA175" (see here and here and here and here for instance). The obvious proof of this fraud is that many 2nd hit videos show a plane that is too small for a 767. The idea that hijacked commercial planes crashed on 9/11 is an example of "The Big Lie Technique"-- a lie so large and outrageous, very few dare to disbelieve it. Also, note that NOT using large commercial aircraft on 9/11 had important operational advantages.

Yes, everyone saw the plane hit the South tower. On TELEVISION!

In fact, there were some people who were in a position to see the second plane, and never saw it.

Yes, this may all seem very far-fetched, even crazy-- until you start looking at the evidence. Please take time to look at the evidence. Here is a summary of the evidence for no plane at the South tower.

Thus, a related topic that is critical to understanding 9/11 is "TV fakery" and the complicity of the media in carrying out the 9/11 operation. Along the side panel of this blog and throughout the posts there, there are references for 9/11 video fakery. This is an incredibly important topic for understanding the 9/11 hoax.

Beyond the plane fakery however, lies an even deeper darker truth: the destruction of the World Trade center towers by small nuclear bombs.

It should be clear to everyone that the towers were demolished using extremely powerful explosive devices that were pre-planted in the towers. A person only needs to look at the official NIST model for the tower collapses-- and then realize that NIST never even was able to model the global collapses!-- to see how ludicrous the official story is. More on why the official WTC "collapse" story is impossible is detailed here. Detailed refutations of official WTC research can be found here.

In fact, the evidence associated with the destruction of the trade center twin towers indicates that small nuclear (primarily fusion) bombs were used to blast the towers. These nuclear blasts vaporized much of the inner structure of the towers and also rendered the remaining inner contents of the towers into fine dust. Important evidence for nuclear destruction of the WTC is the molten metal and extremely hot rubble that was found at Ground Zero. This phenomenon of molten steel and high heat in the WTC debris can be explained by a small scale "China Syndrome" reaction from unexploded nuclear devices that underwent criticality. The increasingly common reports of cancers from people who worked at Ground Zero lend further support to the idea of nuclear devices at Ground Zero.

More information about the nuclear demolition of the WTC can be found here. Of course, other mechanisms besides (or in conjunction with) nuclear weapons may have been used to take down the towers, and it is not entirely resolved what specific devices were used.

If you want a more simple proof that the official 9/11 story is very wrong, see HERE or HERE. The context for this proof and how I define "proof" is: HERE.

50 suspicious mainstream FACTS about 9/11, that do not even include the hijacking drills, are here.

9/11 was a psychological operation (psy-ops) on a massive scale, and had massive effects on the US and the world. A good summary of these effects can be read here.

However, in terms of the deeper truth of 9/11, it should be no surprise that the false-flag terror attacks of 9/11 did not develop out of the blue in just the few years before 9/11/01. Rather, 9/11 was likely the product of a secret and very deep global conspiracy whose goals we can only make educated guesses about.